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mrs hervi design artist for custom fabric printing

Mrs Hervi Design

Location: Washington, United States

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mrshervidesign

Website: http://www.mrshervi.com

Hello I am Annelie, an American from Sweden. I'm a stay at home mother of 8 children, an architectural drafter and an artist! I have developed a huge passion for surface patterns through the last 14 years, as it became a hobby I could work on right next to my children. Being a creative mom means there's a constant battle for balance, and my life never stays the same from one season to another. I swing from one home project (like laying herringbone brick floor!) to watercolor with my kids, to drafting house plans late at night, or else focus on my family alone for a month.

Colors and patterns in nature and architecture inspire me. I think my style has the simple Scandinavian shapes mixed with a bold American flair!

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All designs are pictured on an 18″ square at our standard scale.

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