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Artist Feature: Tropical Jungle by Cate and Rainn

Tropical Jungle is a NEW design collection by Cate and Rainn for Spring/Summer of 2024. We asked Bethany, the artist behind Cate and Rainn to share some of the inspiration and design process of this delightful collection with us so we could share it with you.

Below is what she had to say – but first, enjoy this video of some of the behind the scenes from the creative process for Tropical Jungle.

A Walk On the Wild Side

Ideas for the Tropical Jungle collection started surfacing months before I was able to devote the time to create it. That’s how my favorite collections get started, slowly and organically. I knew I wanted this collection to be BOLD and colorful, WILD but with touches of elegance.
I spent hours and hours painting! Tigers, elephants, tropical birds and jaguars! I sketched animals that never got painted and practiced pages of tropical foliage and flowers. Many of these did not make it to the final designs. Some prints came together easily and others…well let’s just say I had to walk away a few times.
That’s pretty normal for a collection process. You push, and sometimes it pushes back. And other times, magic, designs come together like they were just always meant to be.
The full process to create a collection can take months but deep diving into this process and watching a collection evolve and transform is one of my favorite things. I hope Tropical Jungle inspires a little bit of the WILD factor in your creative projects!

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