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Amy MacCready

Artist Bio and Design Collections

amymccready design artist for cusotm fabric printing

Location: Seattle, Washington

Instagram: https://instagram.com/amymaccready

Website: https://amymaccready.com

I am a Seattle-based artist and illustrator who takes inspiration from the year-round colors of the Pacific Northwest. I spent eight years in corporate graphic design, branding, and web design, before leaving to pursue surface pattern design and start my own illustration business. I’m self-taught, which really just means I’m willing to give anything a try; I’ve dabbled in block-printing, watercoloring, calligraphy, felting, and lots of other artistic mediums. But my favorite way to design is on my iPad, and I love creating warm florals, cute animals, and tons of details that make you want to keep looking.

When I’m not creating new collections or illustrating children’s books for my nieces, I can be found at one of the many parks overlooking Puget Sound, enjoying the colors of a PNW sunset.

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