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Amy MacCready

Artist Bio and Design Collections

amymccready design artist for cusotm fabric printing

Location: Seattle, Washington

Instagram: https://instagram.com/amymaccready

Website: https://amymaccready.com

I am a Seattle-based artist and illustrator who takes inspiration from the year-round colors of the Pacific Northwest. I spent eight years in corporate graphic design, branding, and web design, before leaving to pursue surface pattern design and start my own illustration business. I’m self-taught, which really just means I’m willing to give anything a try; I’ve dabbled in block-printing, watercoloring, calligraphy, felting, and lots of other artistic mediums. But my favorite way to design is on my iPad, and I love creating warm florals, cute animals, and tons of details that make you want to keep looking.

When I’m not creating new collections or illustrating children’s books for my nieces, I can be found at one of the many parks overlooking Puget Sound, enjoying the colors of a PNW sunset.

Browse Designs by Amy MacCready

Harvest Bounty by Amy MacCready

Good Cheer by Amy MacCready

Easter Joys by Amy MacCready

A Walk In The Woods – Autumn by Amy MacCready

Honor and Memory by Amy MacCready

Astrid by Amy MacCready

Mistral by Amy MacCready

Misc. Florals by Amy MacCready

Spring Blooms by Amy MacCready

Summer Vibes by Amy MacCready

Pockets and Pouches by Amy MacCready

Garden Brunch by Amy MacCready

Gnomads by Amy MacCready

Christmas by Amy MacCready

Bullfrogs at Play by Amy MacCready

Calm by Amy MacCready

Florals by Amy MacCready

Home Cooking by Amy MacCready

Popular Designs by Amy MacCready

Geometrics by Amy MacCready

Hibernation by Amy MacCready

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