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Blue Dahlia Studio

Artist Bio and Design Collections

fabric design artist blue dahlia studio custom fabric little cocalico

Location: Washington, USA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bluedahliastudio/

Website: https://www.bluedahliastudio.com/

Hi there! I'm Meranda. I'm married to a wonderful man who's blessed me with 4 incredible children. I made and sold baby and children's clothing for over ten years before starting on my design adventure. I designed and created the original Hoodzie© (a hoodie + onesie) and created so many fun color combos using beautiful prints from so many talented designers. Creating custom clothing sets for other people is what drew me into the design world. I've always loved to draw and paint so long story short, I am a self taught designer and loving every minute of it! I found my true passion to say the least! As a family, we love to travel and explore the outdoors so nature is definitely one of my biggest inspirations. This mama loves flowers! My children inspire me daily as well. The way they talk, play, create, and play toys together. You never know what type of design creation may pop into my head as I'm secretly watching my little blessings. I'm very drawn to muted colors and tones, but I like to jump out of my comfort zone here and there with a surprise bold palette. I am so grateful to be a part of the amazing Cocalico design team and I hope my designs will inspire you to create something beautiful for those little ones in your life and for your own small businesses! Let's create magic together!

Browse Designs by Blue Dahlia Studio

Wheels on the Bus (Boho) by Blue Dahlia Studio

Wheels on the Bus Boho by Blue Dahlia Studio

Petals of Freedom by Blue Dahlia Studio

Fairysnail Summer by Blue Dahlia Studio

Mariposa Blossoms by Blue Dahlia Studio

Wings of Love by Blue Dahlia Studio

Spring Revival by Blue Dahlia Studio

Garden Monsters Boho by Blue Dahlia Studio

Garden Monsters Pastel by Blue Dahlia Studio

Autumn Maize by Blue Dahlia Studio

Blossom Dreams by Blue Dahlia Studio

Woodland Patriots by Blue Dahlia Studio

Dahlia Rose by Blue Dahlia Studio

All Aboard Love Express by Blue Dahlia Studio

Citrus Bliss by Blue Dahlia Studio

Love Bug by Blue Dahlia Studio

Vintage Embrace by Blue Dahlia Studio

Whimsy Farms by Blue Dahlia Studio

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