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Charlie Rowan Designs

Artist Bio and Design Collections

charlie rowan designs domestic fabric printing design artist

Location: Utah, United States

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charlierowandesigns/

Website: https://charlierowandesigns.com/

Hi, I’m Ryann! I’ve always been a maker but when I discovered textile design, I immediately fell in love. Pregnant with my first child and unable to find products that I felt represented not only my own individual style but also the hopes and aspirations I had from my little one on the way I started designing everything from blankets, to crib sheets, to booties, to prints for the walls. You name it, I made it! Slowly I honed in my craft, focused on what I loved to design, quit my “real” job, and took the giant leap of faith. That is how Charlie Rowan Designs was born. When I'm not creating new patterns and designs you can find me adventuring in the mountains or desert with my two kids, husband, and our golden retriever, who we lovingly refer to as our gentle giant!

Browse Designs by Charlie Rowan Designs

On The Farm by Charlie Rowan Designs

Untamed by Charlie Rowan Designs

A Love Story by Charlie Rowan Designs

Liberty Market Citrus by Charlie Rowan Designs

Liberty Market Harvest by Charlie Rowan Designs

Sweet Tea Bright by Charlie Rowan Designs

Sweet Tea Muted by Charlie Rowan Designs

Sweet Love of Mine by Charlie Rowan Designs

Coming Home by Charlie Rowan Designs

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