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Erin Kendal

Artist Bio and Design Collections

erin kendal print on demand fabric design artist

Location: North East Victoria, Australia

Instagram: https://instagram.com/erin__kendal

Website: https://www.erinkendal.com/

Hello! I’m Erin, a maker-turned-designer from a small town on the other side of the world, in Australia.

I grew up surrounded by creativity but ended up working in a soul-sucking corporate environment for 15 years. Determined to 'live a creative life' I started a 'side-hustle' as a hands-on maker — designing and sewing baby goods. While at home on maternity leave with my two little boys, my journey as a maker organically transitioned to surface pattern design... and I ditched my corporate job forever. Yay!!

I love to create playful patterns that both mamas and their kids love, and I'm known for curating great colours. My designs have been used by iconic brands such as Boba baby carriers, Alice and Ames, Vivie and Ash, Remie Girl, Pretty Please Teethers, and Yeah Baby Goods (to name a few); and my designs have been featured in various magazines.

As a surface designer, I'm so thankful to still be connected to the 'making' process and I dearly value this grassroots collaboration between designer and maker — because I’ve lived it on both sides. Perspective is everything!

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A Happy Little Summer by Erin Kendal

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Play by Erin Kendal

Nineties Indie Basics by Erin Kendal

Christmas Cheer by Erin Kendal

Love You in Spades by Erin Kendal

Summer Play by Erin Kendal

Little Valentine by Erin Kendal

Loveable by Erin Kendal

Spooktacular by Erin Kendal

Boho Christmas by Erin Kendal

Retro Park by Erin Kendal

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