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katrina pete design artist for little cocalico print on demand fabric

Katrina Pete

Location: United States

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katrinapetewatercolor/

Website: https://katrinapete.com/

Katrina Pete's artwork is a collection of inspired mementoes from her garden, woodland walks, and outdoor adventures with her family. "I'm intrigued by the change in light each season, and the way it brings about entirely new color palettes throughout the year."

Painting since childhood, Katrina loves incorporating natural elements and light in to her watercolor paintings. Her beautiful collections are created with a loose technique that allows the paint to do what it does best, flow and bloom and fade other colors on the page.

During her college years, Katrina took numerous painting and drawing courses while studying in the medical field. "Although I worked as a Medical Lab Scientist, I always painted and grew as an artist in my free time." Today, Katrina is happily working as an artist and illustrator, alongside her husband and growing family in Minnesota.

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All designs are pictured on an 18″ square at our standard scale.

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