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kays illustrations custom fabric design artist for little cocalico

Location: Thrissur, Kerala India



Hello there! I’m Kashmira, a Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator based in Kerala, India. After graduating in Fashion Design, I walked into the world of fabrics, prints, patterns, textures, quality and learnt about everything that goes into actualizing a design to tangible products. With a strong foundation in design through my education and work experience from the fashion industry, I have been on a professional journey into surface designs and patterns for the past 4 years, practicing what I’m truly passionate about - making art and trying to spread joy through my art.

I’m deeply influenced by nature and surroundings from my beautiful hometown in Kerala, where I grew up surrounded by lush green trees, tropical flowers, plants, farmlands, chirping birds and plenty of furry friends.

I try to reflect my inspiration in my work, which has an abundance of florals - dynamic as well as still life, through my favorite color schemes, and handmade strokes. My design process involves hand-drawn sketches and patterns which are then digitized and colored.

When I’m not working you can find me re reading Harry Potter books for the hundredth time or daydreaming about cottage core lifestyle.

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