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krystal winn design fabric artist for print on demand fabric

Krystal Winn Design

Location: Utah, USA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krystalwinndesign/

Website: https://krystalwinn.com/

Hello! I'm Krystal, a surface pattern designer and artist living on a little backyard hobby farm in Utah. My favorite job title is that of Mom to 5 beautiful children. I live for summer days by the lake, am a sucker for babies of any kind and I'm a "Rodeo Mom." I find inspiration all around- from the beauty and wonder of nature, the lovely colors of each season and the whimsy of childhood. I hope to capture that beauty, wonder and joy in my art. I have found my passion in surface design and can most often be found drawing on my iPad dreaming up my next collection. My style is cute, colorful and playful and I absolutely love seeing the magic people create with my art.

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All designs are pictured on an 18″ square at our standard scale.

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