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Poppies and Ducks

Artist Bio and Design Collections

poppies and ducks design artist

Location: Rome, Italy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poppiesanducks/

Website: https://poppiesanducks.myportfolio.com/pattern-collections

Hello, my name is Benedetta and I am an Italian set designer and graphic designer. For some years I worked at the Children's Museum of Rome, where I was in charge of visual communication and graphic production for the museum's exhibitions. In the past I was assistant set designer at the Rome Opera.

Then, after the birth of my son, I started freelancing, dedicating myself to my projects and passions, such as illustration. I have always loved drawing and painting, inspired by nature and in particular from my dream of living in the countryside! Besides hand drawing and painting, I am also experimenting with other digital techniques always starting from paper, an important creative phase for me.

This allowed me to immerse myself in Textile Design to create graphic resources and starting this beautiful craft!

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