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SeamlessGal fabric design artist for little cocalico

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seamlessgal/

Website: https://www.seamlessgal.com/

Hi everyone! My name is Dina Anwar. I am an Egyptian surface designer and the owner of my illustration brand SeamlessGal. I am very passionate about textile design and helping small businesses grow and it is my lifelong dream to make my designs available for as many makers as possible! I love working with watercolor and gouache, whether traditionally or through my digital brushes. My art style is whimsy, colorful and a little bit boho with lots of yellows and pinks.

I hope you like my prints and I'm so looking forward to collaborating with you!

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Sunny Days by SeamlessGal

Love Day by SeamlessGal

Love Pug by SeamlessGal

Love Struck by SeamlessGal

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