Cyber Monday Gift Card Sale!

We're offering some great Gift Card specials today. If you purchase a qualifying gift card, we'll send you, the purchaser, a separate gift card after the sale ends. Here's the details:

  • Get an extra $15 Gift Card for every gift card of $100 or more.
  • Get an extra $40 Gift Card for every gift card of $200 or more.
  • Maximum of $200 in bonus gift cards per customer ($1,000 = $200 bonus)

For example, if you purchase two $100 gift cards, we'll send you a $30 gift card tomorrow after the sale ends. If you purchase three $200 gift cards, we will happily send you an extra $120 gift card tomorrow. If you spend up to $1,000 or more in gift card purchases, we'll send you the maximum of $200 in extra gift cards.

Deal Ends at 11:59 pm ET this evening (Monday, Nov. 28). We will send the additional gift cards from this sale to your email within 48 hours after the sale ends.

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Upload Your Own Designs
Choose from the options below to create your own custom fabric product

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Order With Our Custom Visualizer

Our custom visualizer allows you to upload your own design, scale it, and visualize it in real time. PLEASE NOTE that this product currently only supports yard quantities. Choose the basic upload option to order fat quarters or sample squares. In the near future we’ll have many more custom options available with our visualizer.

custom fabric printing upload your own design little cocalico

Basic Design Upload and Order

Choose this option for a non-visual, simple design upload and ordering process. This feature offers both fat-quarter and sample square options as well as yardage option. If you want a visual of your design-to-scale before placing an order you can use our custom visualizer option and then return here to place an order for sizes not available currently in the visualizer.

Important Requirements for Custom Designs:

  • Recommended image resolution is 300 dpi. Minimum requirement is 150 dpi.
  • File should be in RGB color format for best results.
  • Accepted file formats are: jpg, jpeg, and png.
  • You MUST own the rights to a design file before uploading it.
  • Design content must abide by our guidelines as outlined here. We reserve the right to reject orders that do not comply.
  • By uploading a file and/or by placing an order you agree to all parts of our terms and conditions.

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