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Gillian Valentine Partners with Little Cocalico for Wholesale Fabric Sourcing

Gillian Valentine is a growing lifestyle brand that features artists from around the world on sleepwear, home-goods, and decor. They offer ready-made and made-to-order products with a commitment to reducing waste and upcycling leftover materials. Here at Little Cocalico we are proud to provide wholesale fabric printing services for the team at Gillian Valentine.

In the Fall of 2021, our fabric printer manufacturer, Kornit Digital, recommended that Gillian Grant, the owner of Gillian Valentine, contact us about providing wholesale fabric for her growing business. She was interested in finding a reliable fabric provider that offered both organic and American-milled fabrics and that would be able to work closely with her team to provide premium fabrics with their artist’s designs.

Supplying organic and American-milled fabrics with a personal touch is what we pride ourselves in. So, of course, we were a great fit and have really enjoyed working closely with the team at Gillian Valentine to supply them with top-natch fabrics for their exclusive products.

We asked the team at Gillian Valentine to answer some questions for us about their experience with Little Cocalico as a wholesale fabric provider. Here’s what they had to say.

What fabric bases do you use from Little Cocalico?

Organic Cotton Interlock and Organic Sateen

What Type of Products Are You Making from Our Fabrics?

Pajama Pants, Nightshirts, Shorts, and Satin Pillowcases. All of our products feature original artwork from women around the world.

pajama pants from gillian valentine
Pajama Pants made from Organic Cotton Interlock and exclusive designs from Gillian Valentine
nightshirt gown from gillian valentine
Nightshirt made from Organic Cotton Interlock fabric with exclusive designs from Gillian Valentine

What Were the Factors that Made You Choose Little Cocalico for Your Custom Fabric Provider?

We were looking for a printer that had access to American milled materials that were also organic (for the cottons). The other deciding factor was that we wanted a printer that was a true partner with us and that we could support each others goals as we grow. Working with Jon has been a truly collaborative experience. He is invested in creating a quality product.

Tell Us About Your Experience With Little Cocalico’s Wholesale Fabric Program?

We like the more personal approach. Part of our business is client relationship and we would like the same from our vendors. Knowing that Jon and his team understand our business goals and are committed to a quality product gives us one less thing to worry about. 

The process to print is straightforward and while LCC may not have the rendering tools to scale designs on their site, Jon has come up with some good workarounds.

Also, printing out to the edge of the material saves us a lot of money! Some printers leave a 3 inch selvage edge on each side which results in us needing more material. Considerations like this is what distinguishes LCC.

Be sure to check out the Gillian Valentine website at gillianvalentine.com for some amazingly comfortable and unique loungewear, sleepwear, and other household products.

Below are some products from Gillian Valentine’s Summer/Fall 2022 product offerings that are made with custom fabric from Little Cocalico.

custom shorts gillian valentine organic cotton wholesale fabric 2
Puppy Boxer Shorts made from Organic Brushed Cotton (Buy Here)
custom shorts from gillian valentine organic cotton wholesale fabric
Champagne Bottle Boxer Shorts made from Organic Brushed Cotton (Buy Here)
custom pajamas gillian valentine organic cotton wholesale fabric
Bee Pajama Pants made from Organic Cotton Interlock (Buy Here)
butterfly pajamas from gillian valentine made from wholesale organic cotton
Butterflies Pajama Pants made from Organic Cotton Interlock (Buy Here)

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