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Modal Cotton Spandex
An Overview of this Eco-Friendly Bamboo Alternative Lenzing Fabric

We have often gotten requests from our customers for various types of bamboo fabrics. However, due to the amount of chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of bamboo fabrics, we have not been comfortable carrying any of them. But, we have been determined to find an equally soft, equally comfortable fabric to bamboo with superior durability and sustainability. After a lot of searching and testing, we are so happy to be able to introduce to you our American-Milled Modal Cotton Spandex Fabric made with Lenzing™️ Modal yarn.

Read on down through this blog post to learn more about this fabric and what makes this a superior alternative to Bamboo fabrics. But first of all, enjoy this video of Jen giving a brief overview of this fabric.

What Are Lenzing™️ Modal Fibers?

Lenzing is a proven company that produces fibers for fabrics from cellulose that is derived from wood. Widely ranked among the top viscose producers worldwide for sustainable sourcing and production practices, Lenzing has proven themselves to be a reliable source for natural fiber that is made from wood pulp. Their commitment to responsible production practices that are chemical free, makes this a much superior alternative to bamboo fabrics. We’ll be publishing another blog post on the specific comparisons between Modal Fabric and Bamboo Fabric that will dive deeper into this subject.

We worked with Lenzing to get this fabric certified with them. This allows you as a maker to apply for hang tags and marketing resources from Lenzing directly from their website. They will ship these items directly to you for you to use on your clothing.

Characteristics of Our Modal Cotton Spandex

The Modal Cotton Spandex is 47% Lenzing™️ Modal Fiber, 48% Cotton, and 5% Spandex. This is knit fabric with a weight of 9 oz per yard (similar to our lightweight cotton spandex) and it has a printable width of 55 inches. The Modal gives this fabric the feel of bamboo while the cotton provides a bit more structure that makes it better suited for clothing applications.

American-Milled Fabric

Here at Little Cocalico, we put an emphasis on sourcing ethically-produced fabrics that are milled here in the United States. Our Modal Cotton Spandex is a high quality, sustainably produced, American-Milled fabric. Combine this with the highly credentialed sustainability of the Lenzing™️ Modal Fiber in this fabric and it is certainly a fabric that we are proud to carry and one that you can feel good about.

Great Stretch and Recovery

This fabric has a 5% spandex makeup giving it a 4-way stretch. It has around a 50% stretch both horizontally and vertically with an incredible recovery.

Nice Drape/Hand

As shown in the video above, the Modal Cotton Spandex has very nice drape and a silky-soft hand, making it a great and comfortable option for dresses and other types of clothing.

Incredibly Soft and Comfortable

This fabric has earned Jen’s #1 pick for comfort among all our fabrics. She describes it as “buttery soft” and this makes it perfect for baby applications like swaddles, baby outfits, blankets, and more. But don’t miss out on it’s other uses as well. It is also great for loungewear, intimate wear, leggings, dresses, t-shirts, and children’s clothes.

Slight Level of Transparency

As noted in the video above, the plain white base can have a bit of transparency. So you will want to be careful about that depending on which applications you’ll be using it in. If you choose designs that do not have a plain white background transparency should not be an issue at all.

Amazing Wash and Rub Durability

Like all our fabrics, we put this Modal Cotton Spandex through some rigorous wash and rub testing to ensure it will hold up well. We’re committed to only selling custom fabrics that we are confident will hold up well to regular use.

Care Instructions for Modal Cotton Spandex

We recommend washing the Modal cotton spandex in cool water on a delicate cycle. Mild, phosphate free detergent is preferable as a cleaning agent. For drying you can either hang it to air dry or tumble dry on low heat settings. With proper care, this should be a very long-lasting fabric that is extremely comfortable.

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