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Sailcloth Canvas Fabric Overview
A Detailed Look At This Popular, Durable Fabric

When you’re in need of a fabric that is durable enough to weather both literal and figurative storms, look no further than our sailcloth canvas. As a 100% cotton woven fabric, our sailcloth is popular choice for customers making handbags, tablecloths, curtains, and more. In the video and blog post below we’ll cover the characteristics and a brief history of this fabric.

Sails ahoy!

Characteristics of Our Sailcloth Canvas

The Sailcloth canvas is a 100% cotton fabric with a weight of 6.4 oz per yard and a printable width of 58″

Classic Canvas Weave

This fabric is woven with the classic canvas weave style, providing a really nice texture.

High Durability

The canvas weave and 100% cotton makeup of this fabric makes it a sturdy, durable fabric that will hold up well under wear and tear.

Variety of Uses

Our sailcloth canvas is a popular choice for handbags, table linens, drapes, curtains, lamp shades, jackets, and more. It’s sturdy makeup makes it especially well suited for tablecloths and handbags where it could receive a lot of heavy usage.

How Did Sailcloth Canvas Get It’s Name?

Originally, this type of fabric was used as sails on ships. When the sails would tear or wear out, then the sailors would use the fabric they could salvage to make into clothing, or bedding, or other uses around the ship. Because of this, it became known as sailcloth canvas. We no longer source this fabric from ship yards but it’s still got the sturdy canvas features that you’d imagine a sail would have.

How to Care for Sailcloth Canvas

We recommend washing separate in cool water on a delicate cycle with a mild, phosphate free detergent. Tumble dry in low temperatures. Woven fabrics may experience fraying when washed. To avoid this, you can serge along the cut edge. Iron on the unprinted side of the fabric.

We pulled the following photos from our community of talented customers. All these projects were made using our sailcloth canvas that was custom printed here at our print on demand fabric shop.

sailcloth canvas jordan porter handmade
Custom bag from Jordan Porter Handmade
jordan porter sailcoth canvas handbag
Custom purse from Jordan Porter Handmade
canvas tablecloth picnic BJ9A7254
Sailcloth Canvas Tablecloth for Event Decor (PC: Charis Elisabeth Photography)
amber fairall clark show booth
Booth Signage Made from Custom Printed Sailcloth Canvas for Briggaboo’s Bureau
stacy holst sailcloth canvas handbags
Handbags by Stacy Holst
sailcloth canvas fabric stack
Beautiful stack of sailcloth canvas from our shop

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