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Customer Feature: Willful Wildflowers – Cut and Sew Dolls

A Little Cocalico Featured Fabric Customer

As a fabric printing company, we see a lot of different types of fabric projects come through our shop. But when Hillary from Willful Wildflowers started sending print projects our way, they really caught our eye. I mean, who wouldn’t be intrigued by the idea of adorable cut and sew doll kits!?

Hillary reached out to us when she was looking for a fabric printer to provide custom fabric for her growing business. We worked closely with her to ensure that her doll kits would print out well and since then have enjoyed partnering with her to provide a high quality and non-toxic custom printed 100% cotton fabric for her doll kits.

We asked Hillary to answer some questions for us about her experience with Little Cocalico’s custom fabric printing services. And with Christmas approaching, what better time to share the story of a company that has some amazing Christmas gift options. Here’s what she had to say.

What is the Story Behind Willful Wildflowers?

I created Willful Wildflowers as a modern and inclusive approach to the age-old concept of cut-and-sew dolls. I merged my career background as a graphic designer and my hobby as a sewist to create the dolls during my 2020 maternity leave. My goal was to create a project for my daughter that expanded her doll collection to look like real people around her, while also one day creating an easy entrance to the world of sewing. There are currently five dolls of different skin and hair types and colors and two accessory sets that match each of the dolls – a baking set and a sleep set. The dolls are sold as kits with everything you could need to make them: needle, thread, needle threader, stuffing, and cut-and-sew fabric. I also created video tutorials to walk the adult or child through every step by hand or by machine.

What fabric bases do you use from Little Cocalico?

These dolls are proudly printed on Little Cocalico’s cotton broadcloth – a 100% Cotton fabric printed with organic ink.

Cut and Sew doll kit for Windy printed on our 100% Cotton Broadcloth

Windy – finished project

What Were the Factors that Made You Choose Little Cocalico for Your Custom Fabric Provider?

I knew I wanted to use cotton, but was also aware of the toll that cotton takes on our planet – both environmentally and socially. Also, because I was dealing with something that would be loved by (and possibly chewed on by) a child, I wanted to feel good about where the fabric and inks came from. I researched custom fabric printing until I landed on Little Cocalico – their commitment to provide sustainable and American milled fabric, as well as certified organic inks, had me sold. As a small, family-owned business, It feels good to know I’m supporting another small, family-owned business located just a few hours from me.

Tell Us About Your Experience With Little Cocalico As a Fabric Provider?

As a small business, placing a larger fabric order can be super scary. Little Cocalico put in the extra work and communication to make sure my fabric and colors were absolutely perfect before I dropped most of the money in my business account on my first large order. Every time I order, I know that they know me, and know my colors, and therefore my product will come out exactly as I planned. As a designer and a business owner, this kind of security is hard to find in larger companies. Their communication is excellent and you really do feel like they care about your product!

Be sure to check out to get some delightful cut and sew doll kits from Hillary. These dolls make for a really fun and engaging way to get your child interested in sewing with a reward at the end that will provide hours of fun. This is a great gift idea for your kids or grandkids. And since they are made with 100% cotton fabric printed with organic ink, you don’t need to worry about your child getting exposed to any harmful toxins by playing with (or chewing on) these dolls.

Wren Cut and Sew Doll Kit (Buy Here)

Wisdom Cut and Sew Doll Kit (Buy Here)

Winter Cut and Sew Doll Kit (Buy Here)

Willow Cut and Sew Doll Kit (Buy Here)

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